Local Area

Below you will find a selection of things to do, attractions and places to visit that are all within easy reach of our properties. Or check out our local area map for ideas.

From The Door

If you don't feel like getting in the car (or didn't bring it), here are a few things you can do right from the door of your cottage...

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Within 30mins

There are plenty of things to do in the Eden Valley. Here are some of the towns and attractions that take up to about 30 mins to reach by car....

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Within an Hour

Scalebeck is a great place for touring with a wide variety of beautiful landscapes and heritage available within an hours drive or so. Some possible...

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Your Suggestions

Did we miss your favourite place to visit? Let us know and we will include your suggestions here.

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As of August 1st 2016 Scalebeck will be in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. We have three properties to offer, sleeping from 2 to 4 people. 

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The Eden Valley is a great place to come on holiday if you love delicious food - Check out this video showcasing some of the great local produce on offer in the Eden Valley!

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Special Offers


10% off any stay booked within 4 weeks of arrival

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The Eden Valley and Cumbria are home to many events and festivals. We will research these for you and let you know what is happening to help you choose the best week to come.

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Visitor Comments

Although our stay was brief, I wanted to thank you both for a very pleasant and comfortable stay at Scalebeck. The cottage is delightful, very well e

Toni Ives

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